“Mlle Valeska”

  • Mathylda Valeska, whose real name Mathylda Candace Valeska Baxton is a blogger-American of Russian origin born November 10, 1990 in Moscow. She is most famous for being the heir to the empire of fashion “1965 House Of Fashion” and fashion journalist’s in Vain inc & Famous Fashion Blogger
  • Today Mathylda Valeska  is married to famous french clubber Word Foxdale & She Keeps her look on her blog.
  • She creat with her best friends Ariane Shesterfield ( Emy Aker )  a new brand of fashion ” VERSUS couture ”
  • She writes her column on the lives of famous celebrities second life in ” M. Vs Life “. This comumn speak ; Jet set, Party, fashion, Fame, drugs….
  • The Mathylda style is Chic and Rock n Roll. SHe have Underground  and Street Influence, but her sociale origine make it like Creator Clothes and stiletto heel. She love accessory


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