Open Letter For Word Foxdale.

This is My Last Word for you my Baby.

My last word for youYou told me that you wanted this , I told you it was all yours
If you’re done with it , Then what you say forever for?
If forevers out the door,  I’ll ignore when you call

You told me you were coming back , Right back
Promised it was real and I believed that , But if I fall for it again
I will be a fool , If our love is at the end
Then why do I still want you?
But I guess I got no valentine , Send me roses I just let ’em die
I was crazy thinking you were mine, It was all just a lie

Drive my heart into the night , You can drop the keys off in the morning
Cause I don’t want to leave home, without your love , Without it

I always knew I never wanted this, I never thought it could happen
You acted like you wanted this, But then you led me on

I thought you would be there when I go , You promised you would be there when I go
But all the broken promises I won’t miss , I’m finished
All I know are the facts , That when I look you in the eyes
All I see are the lies , Been there, done that.

college girl and boy _004

About Mathylda Valeska

I'm a free, I'm a freak, I'm a Witch, Hallelujah ! I'm Nasty, I'm Evil... Swish swish, motherfucker.
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