M.S.B 5 // Phantom of the Opera. Featurin Word Foxdale

MSB5bannerHi everyone ! today I’am inspirate by the Book ” The Phantom of the Opera ” A beautifull love story !

The Phantom of the Opera (French: Le Fantôme de l’Opéra) is a novel by French writer Gaston Leroux. It was first published as a serialisation in Le Gaulois from September 23, 1909 to January 8, 1910. The novel sold very poorly upon publication in book form and was even out of print several times during the 20th century;[1] it is overshadowed by the success of its various stage and film adaptations. The most notable of these are the 1925 film depiction featuring Lon Chaney, Sr and Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s 1986 musical.

The Phantom of the Opera lives under a famous opera house. A mere chorus girl, Christine Daae, becomes, under his guidance, a well known singer with a beautiful voice. But her old child hood sweetheart, the Vicount Raoul de Changy, has also entered the picture. The past comes back to haunt her, the future ahead is uncertain, and the present is undecided. Who will win the heart of Christine?; the handsome, rich Raoul or the masked Angel of Music? A story of romance, murder, sacrifice and sadness, this riveting, seductive tale will keep your emotions high until the very last page of the shocking conclusion.

Phantom Of the Opera-Style Card-

On Mathylda :

Beauty :

Hair : Vive9   †   Skin : Vive9 Fiore   †   Liner : Mons

Clothes :

Dress : Overhight New   †   Jacket : Emery   †   Shoes : Ison

Accessories :

Necklace : Yummy New @Collabor88   †   Earring : CO57 New

On Word :

Beauty :

Hair : Action   †   Skin : Redgrave

Clothes :

Jacket : BlankLine New @Men Departement   †   Pant : Legal Insanity   †   Shoes : Siren

Accessories :

Necklace : Mandala   †   Headphone : Mandala   †   Ear : Mandala

Sweet Kiss Lovers ❤

Mathylda Valeska & Word Foxdale ❤

About Mathylda Valeska

I'm a free, I'm a freak, I'm a Witch, Hallelujah ! I'm Nasty, I'm Evil... Swish swish, motherfucker.
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