M.S.B 5 // Loulou Champagne

MSB5bannerHi everyone ! Today I post the look of Loulou Champagne =) It’s my caracter in the SL New serie ” Show Girl “. Loulou Champagne is the super star of burlesque show in Las Vegas. She are French & Poisonous =) More info soon -)

Loulou Champagne– Style Card –

Beauty :

Hair : Catawa New   †   Skin : Vive9 Fiore New   †   Lips : Vive9 Fiore New  

Clothes :

Top : Shi.   †   Skirt : Vive9 New   †   Shoes : Blow New

Accessoiries :

Sunglasse : Chic Safari   †   Necklace : MG   †   Clutch : DDL

Hope You Like


1419837_10152091119271874_1476094528_n” Show Girls “

Dramatic story in 5 or 6 episodes about Candy (Ariane Shesterfield) who comes to Las Vegas dreaming of a bright carreer in the most famous “Cabaret Burlesque” of the city, where Loulou Champagne (Mathylda Valeska) is the icon of the “Fantasy” show. But the meeting between the two girls will drive them into betrayal, secrets and jalousy…

More to come soon.

About Mathylda Valeska

I'm a free, I'm a freak, I'm a Witch, Hallelujah ! I'm Nasty, I'm Evil... Swish swish, motherfucker.
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2 Responses to M.S.B 5 // Loulou Champagne

  1. Loulou C. says:

    Hello Mathylta, I am quite curious about your character, Loulou Champagne. I am a French burlesque performer myself called Loulou Champagne. Could you please contact me about the use of the name? Thank you Loulou

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