NEWS // Soon // 1965 Summer Line 2012

Heya !! You Like the Spring/Summer line of 1965 ?

❤ Stay cool ! the Summer Line soon to come in store ❤

  • Mathylda Valeska Wear : 1965 Summer Top Kill Kiss, 1965 Lace Short Basic, 1965 Aspen Boots Gold, 1965 Be Excessive Bangles in Sliver
  • Mannequin Wear : 1965 Summer Top Africa, 1965 Aspen Boots America
  • Coathanger : 1965 Summer Top Jesus

Collection are Soon in store and….. It’s a MESH collection yeahhhhh baby !!

Other, a new stylist work with me for 1965 house of fashion, my Mother Lainee Baxton ❤ it’s so cool no ?

The Summer top exist in Lots of colors, idem for The Lace Short and the Aspen Boots.

For The Summer Line I creat also 3 dress, 1 Bag, Bangles and Necklace.

GOOD NEWS EVER ? I creat a Summer Top sepcialy for Fri.Friday, with surprise ❤


Hope You Like Xoxo





About Mathylda Valeska

I am just fashion girl On sl and I gona show you a piece of me...
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