The Valeska News !

Hi every body ! It’s Mathylda ! Bitch =)

Today after a few months of absence, I come to give news to you who go you enchanted or not! Go Go Go

  •  ” The Mathylda style book “ returns for a new season, the fourth, and can be the last one, with new unpublished looks and especially more looks =) this season I would mix, clothes of the former collections of the creators and new items !! Vintage VS Hight Fashion ! I am impatient of boil made discover my new ideas
  • The name of the season 4 of  “MSB” is ” the resurrection, new Rules, new games, new scandals ” and the theme of season promo will be the revival.
  • Soon the space cultural of the company of  Trish ArmundsenBlasph Factory” is going to open it’s doors, and the exhibition  which will be presented for the inauguration will be on my small person haha! It will be diverse photos of me by several photographers since my debuts has today. I hold you informed naturally! All the profits will go in it the ” Blasph Chapel Fondation
  • In exclusivity a teaser of the season 4 promo =)


About Mathylda Valeska

I am just fashion girl On sl and I gona show you a piece of me...
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One Response to The Valeska News !

  1. Emy Aker says:

    Cazn’t wait gfor the season4 babe

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