Mathylda Style Book – Russian Doll –

I looked in my bag, I can see caviar, vodka, a Russian doll play and a machine gun. He makes a fleece cold outside, so I embarked with me my fur coat … I see the world.

Today, i dream me in Russian fatal woman, equiped for going play a glamourous war.
With my new DIRAM dress, and my fur coat AOHARU,
I am the future warrior of the fashionista war =)

Enjoy =)

Details of look :

  • skin : LeLutka]-IFElight-makeup6(D Brows)
  • Hair : Lamb! Ghost butter blonde
  • Dress : DIRAM miscch dress black
  • Coat : Aoharu fur coat in white
  • Sheer : DIRAM
  • Bag : null_Gainsbourg_bag
  • Shoes : Aoharu / anexx ( limited edition for DUIII )

Mathylda Valeska.

About Mathylda Valeska

I am just fashion girl On sl and I gona show you a piece of me...
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