” Mathylda Style Book ” – Most wanted I love drugs –

Doctor cheek my blood pressure, I’m feeling quite under the weather,
Thinking you should call, ( for what ? ) a nurse.

So you put me back together.
It’s an emergency, get me back on my feet, need to fix heartache, No, No…
Tunning out of time, I’m walking towards for the line,
Think I needing a man, who ‘s just my type…
Love Drugs make me better, I’am craving for a fix
Love Drugs make me better, I need your medecine !
it’s my anatomy, think you hurt me physically,
Patch it up, no surgery, stitching up my heart strings
No neeed to rush babe; if you got a crush on me
Heal me up with chivalry, dix it up with ice cream
It’s an emergency… Love drugs Make me better, i craving for a fix, i need your medecine…

Love Me, Love Me I got a FEVER

Love Me love Me, Cheek my TEMPERATURE !

Mathylda V.

Details of the Look :

  • Skin : Lelutka eclat light make up 2
  • Hair : Boon
  • Necklace : DIRAM ( part of lady gaga wna )
  • undies : Artillerie
  • Body : DIRAM
  • Gloves : Cheer No poker black
  • Hat : Chapeau trés mignion ( pierrot hat )
  • bag : Ateier AM

About Mathylda Valeska

I am just fashion girl On sl and I gona show you a piece of me...
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