” Mathylda Style Book ” -Snow Pirate-

Today I desire to travel and I dream pirate sexy but not vulgar pirate seas, I want to be a pirate snow imagined: Polar bears, travel under the sea in a sort of Nautilus, which I enjoyed as much idea =) You come with me? A yes for the death of my fur, me too i fuck PETA !


Mathylda Valeska

Ps : Big Thank’s for my Love =)

Details of look :

  1. Skin : LElutka eclat pale make up 6
  2. Hair : BooN
  3. Fur coat : Aoharu
  4. Shirt : Lelutka ( Part of dress Armada )
  5. Pant : Lelutka
  6. Eyes patch : Baiastrice
  7. Shoes : COCO
  8. Bangles : Lelutka
  9. Gloves : EMERY
  10. Bear Hat : Yip

About Mathylda Valeska

I am just fashion girl On sl and I gona show you a piece of me...
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One Response to ” Mathylda Style Book ” -Snow Pirate-

  1. jessyca243 says:

    je kiff trop le new look que tu a fait franchement censerment sérieusement avec respect 100000 bravos félicitation

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